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Quasi-Three-Dimensional Angle-Tolerant Electromagnetic Illusion Using Ultrathin Metasurface Coatings
Authors: Zhi Hao Jiang and Douglas H. Werner

Shown Right: Transforming the scattering signature of a dielectric cylinder into that of a conducting cylinder. Click here to view the academic paper
Tuning the Optical Response of a Dimer Nanoantenna Using Plasmonic Nanoring Loads
Authors: Anastasios H. Panaretos, Yu A. Yuwen, Douglas H. Werner, and Theresa S. Mayer

Shown Right: SEM image of dimer with nanoring load. The white scale bar corresponds to a 100 nm length. Click here to view the academic paper
Handedness Dependent Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in Hybrid Chiral Metamaterials
Authors: Lei Kang, Zhi Hao Jiang, Taiwei Yue, and Douglas H. Werner

Shown Right: Schematic illustrating the propagation of pulses consisting of circularly polarized waves of the opposite handedness. Click here to view the academic paper

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