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Post-Doctoral Job Openings

Postdoctoral Research Position (Job Number: 70726) Update

Description: The Electrical Engineering Department of The Pennsylvania State University in conjunction with the Computational Electromagnetics and Antennas Research Lab (CEARL) is seeking a highly qualified individual for a Postdoctoral Scholar position. The candidate will be expected to assist in the theory and design responsibilities for current and future high-profile research contracts in the Computational Electromagnetics and Antennas Research Lab (CEARL). The PSU-CEARL is world-recognized for its pioneering contributions in electromagnetics, particularly in the areas of computational electromagnetics/optics and metamaterials. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to participate in projects that will seek to advance current state-of-art technologies. Current and upcoming areas of research include the development of advanced computational electromagnetics algorithms and their application to the design of nanocomposite engineered materials (EnMats), metamaterials, metasurfaces, etc. Requirements: Applicants will be considered with doctoral training and/or postdoctoral research in computational electromagnetics/physics, scientific computing, and/or computer science. Experience in two or more of the following areas are desired: Discontinuous Galerkin Time Domain (DGTD) method, Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) techniques, DGTD-FDTD hybrid approach, Finite Element Method (FEM), Characteristic Basis Function Methods (CBFM). The successful candidate will have a strong programming background. Proficiency in programming with C++ and the Linux environment are desired. Responsibilities: Computational electromagnetics algorithm development; work alongside graduate students and post-docs on relevant sponsored research contracts; coordinate, prepare and/or publish conference proceedings, journal articles, and periodic research progress reports; prepare and deliver oral presentations at local and international conferences; participate in proposal writing. Applicants include at least three references.
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Postdoctoral Scholar (Job Number: 70578) Update

Description: A postdoctoral scholar position is available in the Electrical Engineering Department of The Pennsylvania State University, University Park Campus, in conjunction with tee Computational Electromagnetics and Antennas Research Lab (CEARL). Candidates with a background in one or more of the following areas: Metamaterials, transformation electromagnetics/optics, Method of Moments (MoM), Finite Element Boundary Integral (FEBI) methods, Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) techniques, Genetic Algorithms (GA), Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO), and nano-scale electromagnetics are needed. A Ph.D. in electromagnetics or a closely related area is required. The successful applicants must have the ability to work independently. He/she will be involved in supervisor of research of graduate students, and is expected to documents the research results in refereed journal publications and to present them at seminars and conferences. The appointment will be for a one-year period with a possibility of renewal.
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For all level positons, please send or e-mail a current resume and the names and addresses of at least three references to:

Prof. Douglas H. Werner
The Pennsylvania State University
Department of Electrical Engineering
211A EE East
University Park, PA 16802