.........................: CEARL ACTIVITIES :.........................
(last updated on 08/25/2005)

The pictures below were taken at the 2005 AP-S Conference in Washington D.C.
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Mark Gingrich thinks over his talk in the hotel room.
Mark Gingrich presents his poster.

Jeremy Bossard presents his poster.

Matt Bray gives his talk.
Zikri, Ling, and Tao browsing through posters.

Tom Spence
gives a talk.
Tom, Matt, and Doug discussing Matt's talk.
Matt gives Mark two big
thumbs up!

Matt, Tao, Ling, Jeremy, Mark, and Tom pose for a group shot in the hall.
Someone wanted a picture of the guys with the pandas.
Tao and Ling talking in the hall.

Tom and Matt discuss Tom's talk in the hall.
Daniel Boeringer stands by his poster.

Jen Carvajal presents her poster.

Doug and Ping Werner take a respite between talks.

CEARL members walk to dinner at Brickskeller Inn.

CEARL members enjoy a fine selection of international beers at Brickskeller Inn.


Matt, Mark, and Tom taking a break in their conference hotel room.
Doug, Mark, Jeremy, Tom, Zikri, Matt, and Josh grabbing a bite at Chipotle.
Matt, Josh, and Tom enjoy some lunch outdoors.

Josh Petko gives his talk.
Doug Werner prepares to chair a session.
Zikri Bayraktar gives his talk.

Tao Liang gives her talk.
Ling Li gives her talk.
Ling discusses her talk with an attendee in the hall.

Tao, Jeremy and Ling pose for pictures in the hall.

Josh Petko presents his student
contest poster.

Zikri, Mark, and Doug discuss student contest posters.

CEARL members and affiliates enjoy a fine dinner together at Pesto.

Doug Werner and then Alkim Alkurtlu take stabs at dividing the check using good old RPN.

Back to the hotel to get rest for another day of talks!

Doug Kern gives his talk.

Randy Haupt, Ping Werner, Doug Werner, and Doug Kern discuss talks in the hall.

Tao and Doug down some conference
food between talks.

Jeremy, Doug, and Ping grab
lunch at Chipotle.

Josh at the Cathedral..

Josh, Jen and the Giraffe...

A bar in Georgetown..
feels like State College..

In the lobby of the conference hotel..