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Conformal Microstrip Fractal Patch Antennas

Geometry of a 5th iteration Gosper Island microstrip patch antenna and the current density distribution of the antenna at a high-order mode.
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1-) Genetically Optimized Fractile Microstrip Patch Antennas
by T. G. Spence and D. H. Werner
2004 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation, Monterey, California, June 20-26.

ABSTRACT: In this paper we introduce a new family of microstrip patch antennas that are based upon fractal tile (i.e., fractile) geometries. We call such antennas fractile microstrip antennas. By utilizing the properties of fractal tiles, it is possible to create single-feed modular designs for microstrip patch antennas with broadside gains that are in excess of 12 dB when they are operated to excite high-order localized modes. Two examples of fractile microstrip patch antenna configurations are presented in this paper, namely the fudgeflake and Gosper island microstrip antennas. In the design of these antennas, a genetic algorithm was employed to optimize their performance.

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