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Fractal Antenna Engineering

Carpet Fractal Arrays

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1-) Sierpinski Carpet Fractal Arrays
by D.H. Werner and P.L. Werner

2-) The Generation of Sum And Difference Patterns Using Fractal Subarrays
by D. H. Werner, K. C. Anushko and P. L. Werner

ABSTRACT: In this letter, we explore the potential for the application of fractal subarrays to the generation of sum and difference patterns. For the purposes of this investigation, a standard planar array is decomposed into two subarrays: one in the form of a Sierpinski carpet, and the other consisting of its complement. A methodology is then introduced for feeding the two subarrays in order to produce either a sum or a difference pattern. A particular example is considered in which directive gain plots are obtained for both the sum and difference modes of a 27x27 planar array.

3-) Fractal Construction of Linear and Planar Arrays
by Douglas H. Werner and Randy L. Haupt
1997 IEEE AP-S International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation Montreal, Canada, Vol. 3, pp. 1968-1971, July 13-18, 1997.

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