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Communication & Space
Sciences Laboratory

Fractal Antenna Engineering

Reconfigurable Multiband Fractal Arrays

A contour plot showing the self-similar fractal structure in the far-field
radiation pattern of a multi-band Weierstrass planar array


..: References :..

1-) A Generalized Fractal Radiation Pattern SynthesisTechnique for the Design of Multiband Arrays
by D.H. Werner, M.A. Gingrich, and P.L. Werner

2-) A Self-Similar Fractal Radiation Pattern Synthesis Technique for Reconfigurable Multiband Arrays by Douglas H. Werner, Mark A. Gingrich, and Pingjuan L. Werner

ABSTRACT: A novel method for designing reconfigurable multiband linear and planar antenna arrays is presented in this paper. The technique is based on a generalized Fourier series synthesis approach that exploits the self-similarity of a specified fractal radiation pattern in order to achieve the desired multiband performance. The fractal radiation patterns are composed of scaled and shifted copies of an appropriately chosen generating window function that exhibits low sidelobe levels and rapid spectral rolloffs in the transform domain. A newly developed thinning algorithm will be presented which may be employed to considerably reduce both the overall physical size as well as the total number of elements in a synthesized multiband array. Finally, a band-switching scheme is introduced that is well-suited for implementation in the form of a reconfigurable common aperture array.

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