Affiliated with the
Communication & Space
Sciences Laboratory


We are engaged in exciting and innovative research in the areas of computational electromagnetics and optics, antenna theory and design, phased array antenna systems (including ultra-wideband arrays and reconfigurable beam-scanning metamaterial lenses), microwave devices, wireless and personal communication systems (including body area networks and associated on-body/off-body propagation modes), wearable and e-textile antennas, RFID tag antennas, conformal antennas, tunable and reconfigurable antennas, frequency selective surfaces, electromagnetic wave interactions with complex media, metamaterials and metasurfaces (including novel RF/optical coatings, near-perfect super-octave absorbers, electromagnetic band gap structures, negative-, zero-, low- and high-index materials), transformation optics, nanoscale electromagnetics (including nanoantennas, quasicrystals, and a variety of other photonic and plasmonic devices), and bio-inspired electromagnetic/optical design. We are also actively involved in fundamental investigations at the cutting-edge between mathematics and electromagnetics in such areas as Fibonacci numbers, fractal geometry, knot theory, and aperiodic tiling theory. The lab is internationally recognized for its pioneering work in the development and application of nature-inspired optimization techniques (e.g. genetic algorithms, clonal selection algorithms, particle swarm, wind driven optimization, and various other evolutionary programming schemes) to solve complex electromagnetic/optical design problems.

Computational Electromagnetics and Antennas Research Lab Overview (PDF)