Affiliated with the
Communication & Space
Sciences Laboratory

Benjamin Zerbe

Ben was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and raised just north of there in Wexford. He graduated from Grove City College in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics and Computer Engineering and a minor in Computer Science. While there, he engaged in nano-fabrication and Casimir-Polder effect research under Dr. Jeffrey Wolinski. After graduation, he went to work for E x H, Inc. and worked on the GEMSIF electromagnetics design suite and its various solvers and optimization algorithms. Ben joined CEARL in 2020 and is currently working towards his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering under the guidance of Dr. Douglas H. Werner.

Ben’s Research interests include computational electromagnetics, computational physics, machine learning, metamaterials, optimization algorithms, and antenna design. Outside of research, Ben enjoys a good book, a good cup of tea, a good game and its design, sound engineering and mixing, and picking up new hobbies.