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Jacob Young

Jacob was born in New Brighton, Pennsylvania in 1998 and has lived in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania for most of his life. He was homeschooled through 7th grade, then he attended Lincoln Park Performing Arts School for the rest of high school. In 2021, he graduated from Grove City College with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with a minor in computer science. During his time at Grove City College, Jacob participated in research in Target Detection in Underwater Lidar using Machine Learning to Classify Peek Signals with Dr. Luke Rumbaugh and participated in a senior project designing a new breed of exercise machine.

He also was a member of touring choir during his freshman year and ballroom dance club his sophomore year. Jacob enjoys singing, playing the guitar and keyboard, as well as playing video games in his spare time.

Jacob joined CEARL during the summer of 2021 and is working towards a PH.D. In Electrical Engineering with his advisor, Dr. Douglas H. Werner.